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Live picks by John

Hello friends have become my new home.

If you know my work then you are familiar with live picks or live pass if you prefer.

For those who don't know, i use two bookies Bet365 to give my live picks.

Every Live Pass may consist from at least 3 picks. I will email the picks  during the match or at half time (or between quarters in basketball or sets in tennis) so you have plenty of time to bet and don't miss something.

A new live pass exclusively for MLB is added! Read more a few lines below!

New contact email is so any question, thought, advise send it there

Best of health


Notified by email
When i am going to watch matches and make live bets, i will notify you early that noon on which matches i will be dealing with so you know exactly when you are going to receive the picks.

Your eyes on the field
I will be your eyes on the field. I will be watching the matches, make notes and get ready to suggest the picks i believe they will come true.

Picks emailed at halftime
One problem that other live services have is that they give picks during the match and there is danger you don't have time to make the bet. This is not the case on Live Pass since i email the picks during half time giving you plenty of time to place your bets.

With a friend of mine who watches MLB as long as i can remember him we are going to give a new live pass exclusive for MLB! On each MLB live pass you will get 3 picks during the match, no more no less! I will be watching MLB matches that are closely to european time table that means starting up to 4:10 USA Eastern time.

MLB LIVE ACTION between innings

Picks will be given sometime between the bottom half and the end of the inning. Bet365 or another bookmaker offering a variety of bets like scoring play, number of hits etc is required to use our live pass.

| Verified Records

All our services are being monitored by Verifiedtipsters. Please go to our records page to be redirected to our verified records.

| Subscription

Available subscription:


5 Live Pass  120 Euro *


5 MLB Live Pass  120 Euro *


  5 Live Pass +  5 MLB Live Pass  200 Euro

* After the completion of the 5 pick pack, you will be offered to option to get replacement for the picks that were lost or refund the losing picks

If the subscription you've purchased results in a loss, you have the choice either to request a replacement subscription or your subscription fee back!

| How to order

Ordering is simple. On your right you will find the packages available. Make you choice add them to your shopping cart and complete the payment.

We accept PAYPAL !!!!!



5 Live Passes
5 MLB Live Passes

200 € Add
Live Pass 5

Live Pass 5

5 Live Passes

120 € Add
MLB Live Pass 5

MLB Live Pass 5

5 MLB Live Pass

120 € Add
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